Frequently Asked Questions


What's your track record?

Stanley Park Ventures has experienced major successes since its inception in 2013. We've helped to start large, ground-breaking companies like Koho, Blue Mesa, and Argo Blockchain. Some of our companies have gone public, others have been acquired, and some prefer grassroots innovations. We are proud of every single one of our startups.

To date, we have engineered eight successful exits.

How is a startup studio different than an accelerator or incubator?

An accelerator program offers entrepreneurs resources and mentoring to help them bring their ideas to market in exchange for a small amount of equity. Accelerator programs usually culminate in a demo event wherein the best ideas are selected for further support.

Incubators offer a well-equipped workspace along with mentoring and other resources to help entrepreneurs turn ideas into businesses. Unlike accelerators, incubators don’t operate according to a schedule or have a fixed date for when a startup must exit the program. Some help entrepreneurs develop their own ideas, while others generate ideas internally and bring entrepreneurs on board to build them into companies.

A startup studio takes a much more active role in building startups: it generates ideas internally and recruits co-founders to develop the best ideas into profitable companies. Along the way, the studio provides resources, funding, and operational input.

Stanley Park Ventures is a startup studio. Our goal is to help each company we co-found launch successfully with a solid team and a healthy Series A.

Why not just invest in early stage companies?

We are operators first and investors second. The idea of just throwing money into a company and waiting passively for it to pay off is simply not that interesting for us. We believe the studio model, which allows us to bring our considerable experience to the mix, will help the companies we co-found get to market faster and more successfully.

How does it all work?

Think of our program as a hands-on, real-life MBA. We have a lot of experience in creating and growing start-up companies; and after working with us, so will you.

The first step in exploring this opportunity is to apply! We will review your application and contact you.

Once we have met and both decide (you have to want to work with us too) that it is a good fit, we go enter our first month of intensive business development. During the four-week period, we will develop ideas further and determine whether we have the right chemistry to work together on a specific business.

After the first month, we move into the project phase where we actually fund the business you are working on and you get paid to be an integral part of a startup company. Once developed and launched, we will continue to support the company and lead the seed round.

Does it pay?

The first month is like an intensive interview process, where we vet each other as co-founders. Though you won't be paid monetarily, you will gain invaluable knowledge about entrepreneurship and the process of developing a startup.

If we decide to bring you on as a co-founder, we understand you may need to make an income in order to pay rent and bills; as a result, we are willing to pay a “ramen” salary in order to cushion your transition. Once we create a company, you will be paid a competitive salary for an early-stage entrepreneur.

What - or who - are you looking for?

We are looking for people who are enthusiastic and motivated to build a company; we are looking for people who are confident but not egotistical; we are looking for people with a high EQ and the ability to lead a team. We like to take risks on individuals who might be considered young or perhaps lack the “right experience” as we believe that we will unearth gold by taking a less traditional approach to people.

I have my own idea that I'd like to develop with your help. Does that work?

We love that you have your own idea but unfortunately, that doesn’t fit our model. If you have an idea that you are passionate about we encourage you to run with it yourself.

What will I learn? What's in it for me?

It's hard to launch a startup, let alone raise money for it. We believe our experience growing companies will give entrepreneurs the experience building a product consumers want, raising capital, and recruiting a top tier team.

Let's talk more about the first month. How much time do I need to put in?

We like to measure outputs rather than inputs, meaning we are not going to use the clock on anyone in the program. We also realize that many of you have full-time jobs and can’t yet commit to this full time, but expect roughly 20 hours per week on the project during the first month.

How much time will we have together in the first month?

We will assign a lead partner from our team who will work with you regularly, and we will meet as a larger group weekly or bi-weekly to leverage value from the other partners. As the business matures and the team grows, these meetings will transition to regular board meetings.

What's the goal of the first four weeks?

You need to figure out if you want to work with us and we need to figure out if we want to work with you. Basically, we've been dating for four weeks now; let's determine if we're both ready to take the next step and really do this thing!

Do I need to quit my job before I participate?

No – this is truly “try before you buy” for both of us.

Do I need to pay for this?

No – this is free.

How do I get to the next phase?

If at the end of the month, we determine that is a good fit, we will move forward into the Project Phase.

I have more questions - how do I get them answered?

If you have a specific question, please feel free to contact us. You can reach our team at Thank you for your interest!