For many decades, Bay Street and the commercial banking community in Canada have enjoyed relatively relaxed competitive environments while earning attractive financial spreads. The financial crisis of 2008 and the emergence of FinTech are beginning to shake-up the landscape.

FinTech is technology working hand-in-hand with financial services, creating tools and services to delight customers in a cost efficient way. These services are being driven by millennials, or those who have grown up in a world that’s digitally connected 24/7. Their behaviour is linked to the rise of FinTech, and the emergence of new a new generation of startups is taking aim at the heart of the industry—and a pot of revenues that Goldman Sachs estimates is worth $4.7 trillion.


The passing in 2010 of Obamacare flipped the business model of health insurance on its head and revamped how the government pays health care providers for services rendered. These reforms fundamentally changed the incentives behind how healthcare is delivered. Under the old “fee-for-service” model healthcare providers were compensated strictly based on the volume of care they provided.

In the new landscape, known in industry jargon as “population health”, providers are paid based on how well they can deliver more effective care at a better price. This has created a new emphasis on promoting healthy habits, thereby minimizing the need for costly hospital stays and treatments.


The 2008 economic crash gave rise to the growing popularity of decentralized systems and the growth of the Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies. Blockchain technology is essentially a shared and trustworthy infrastructure that many different actors can use; it is a decentralized ledger that keeps a record of all transactions that take place within and across a peer-to-peer network.

Blockchain technology is revolutionary and game changing for a number of reasons. The blockchain is extremely difficult to hack, making the network secure and decentralization allows networks to be managed by their own peers rather than a central authority. The emergence of the Blockchain marks a change in the way that society understands and deals in the financial markets and the global economy.


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